RV Checklists

Today’s recreational vehicles can be very complex. The checklists here have been created to make it easier to operate your RV safely and make your travels more enjoyable. Among other things, the checklists may be used to:

  1. Become more familiar with your new RV by taking a short, local trip called a Shakedown Cruise;
  2. For new RVers, learn what you need to get started and avoid buying unnecessary products:
  3. Learn to perform a Circle of Safety to assure your RV is road ready - perfect for first timers as well as seasoned RVers;
  4. Learn what steps are necessary to store your RV and to take your RV out of storage.

Shakedown Cruise

Become familiar with your RV. Take a s local Shakedown Cruise...

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Circle of Safety

Before hitting the road, learn how to inspect your RV properly...

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What to Buy First

Following is a list of necessary items to get you started...

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RV Storage

How to prepare your RV both going into and leaving storage...

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Since there are so many different types and brands of RVs, we can't guarantee that these checklists cover 100% of your needs, but we do hope they will get you off to a good start. We welcome your suggestions to improve these documents. Please contact us with any ideas you might have.

As time goes on, more will be added here so by all means, keep checking back and don't be shy, ask us if you have questions or suggestions for new or expanded checklists.