Autumn Leaves

One large and growing community of RVers are known as "Snowbirds"; these are folks who use their recreational vehicles to follow the sun, spending winter in Florida, Texas and Southern California during the Winter months. The majority are from Canada and the Northern United States and they prefer to apend Winter where weather is mild and snow shovels are not required!

However, one of life's greatest adventures is witnessing the changing seasons of the North, which include the harvest and its abundance of wonderful fresh fruits. At the same time one experiences the incredible scenes of Fall colors, when leaves change from green to awesome shades of red, yellow and orange. So, as the Snowbirds ready their motorhomes and trailers for the trip South, there exists a growing number of Southern RVers who head Northin order to enjoy the sights that are not available near in their part of the country.

This is just one more aspect of the recreational vehicle lifestyle, which allows one to relocate with the simple turn of an ignition key. Please enjoy the photos here, which were taken in Northeaster Ohio.